Chubb Branded Portable fire extinguishers supplied by Mainland Extinguishers are guaranteed against defects in materials, component parts and manufacturing workmanship for a maximum period of four years* (other brands two Years) in non-aggressive environments from the manufacture date stamped on the cylinder.


The warranty only applies when the extinguishers are installed to New Zealand standards 4503:2500 Maintained and serviced by Mainland Extinguishers in accordance with New Zealand standard 4503:2005 and manufactures instructions


Mainland Extinguishers supplied portable fire extinguishers have the following shelf life periods before recharging is required: AFFF Foam 3 years, Air/Water 5 years (with corrosion inhibitor), Wet Chemical 5 years, ABE Powder 5 years and CO2 Gas 5 years or to manufactures instructions.


*Four year (other brands two year) warranty includes first year replacement unit, followed by repair warranty for remaining years (unless otherwise advised). Warranty does not include return or pick up freight or the security tie or damage


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