Our Services

Our range of fire safety services and products combine specialist knowledge, local understanding, and a client-centric approach. These three factors come together to bring safety to your workplace, your industry and your home.

Knowledge is power

When it comes to fire risks and emergency situations the more knowledge you have, the greater your power over the situation. Our trained technicians can come out to you, wherever you are in the Top of the South Island, to make sure you have the knowledge you need.

The fire training we provide includes an inspection of your fire safety products and education about how and when to use your extinguishers.

Different fire extinguishers are appropriate for different types of fires and educating yourself about how to tackle a fire is essential.

We can also brief you and your staff in communication and fire safety procedures so that you can safely evacuate your workplace or home and best deal with your emergency.

Products and maintenance

Having all the products you need is of vital importance in a fire emergency. You might think that a single extinguisher or access to water is all you need but there are various products and systems that can alert you to and negate the presence of a fire. All of our service work and specialist products are provided in line with safety standards.

**Sales & Servicing of Fire extinguishers, Fire blankets, Hose reels, Smoke alarms, Fire suppression’s, Mig/Co2 cylinders and basic fire extinguisher training**